Ever had an idea so crazy, it might just work?

Young African social entrepreneurs are natural problem solvers. Africa has a unique set of social issues, requiring uniquely African solutions. Ideas that are too ‘out the box’ for first world countries thrive in African communities. And when you combine a little ‘crazy thinking’ with tech… well then that’s when the magic happens.

This is the message that came out of the Impact! Africa social entrepreneurship summit on 28 January 2021. The summit was titled ‘Change Agility: The New Strategic Advantage for Social Entrepreneurs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.’

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is happening right now – there are emerging technologies being developed every day. Africa is not behind the times when it comes to using technology for social entrepreneurship. There’s a real chance for Africa to become a major leader in tech entrepreneurship that provides solutions for Africa’s problems.

“Africa right now is the most highly positioned continent with the most entrepreneurial groups. The African youth are innovating and problem-solving,” said Nthonyana Kitsa, chair of the summit and business development manager at the British Council in South Africa.

“If you are a social entrepreneur, look around you and identify with people’s pain. Pick a pain point in your community. It will lead to the technology. Technology is a tool for solving problems.” – this from Botswana’s Tebogo Mogaleeming, founder of data analytics firm Spectrum Analytics.

Social Entrepreneurs are learning online

There are many opportunities to learn about new technology online – and much of it is offered for free. Check out both Google and Microsoft’s free courses. And of course, here at Teen Entrepreneur, we have our own online academy!

So what’s the takeaway? If you’re a young entrepreneur, don’t dismiss your ‘mad’ ideas just because they don’t fit in with the ‘western’ way of doing things. Embrace new technology and learn everything you can. Your innovative thinking combined with tech know-how could be the solution to many of Africa’s social problems.