Do you think you have what it takes to think your way to the top? We’re not talking about opening a spaza shop on the corner, or shining shoes at a parking lot (not that we’re hating), but what we are gracefully trying to ask is do you have a life-changing, money making, community uplifting mega kind of idea, but don’t know where to start?

If the latter rings bells, then SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation may have a big solution for your big dream. You know how it is said that you must always be prepared? Well it’s time to be ready. Ask your school and/or organisation to get involved in our Idea Café sessions so that you can also pitch your idea(s) to a panel of mentors at one of these gatherings.

Double thumbs-up

These empowering sessions have drawn a lot of attention and are highly commended by many, including but not limited to, Lolo Vandal, a young South African recording artist from King William’s Town (Eastern Cape), making waves in the young market.

“The Idea Café concept brings a platform for people to get to the level of utilising their natural innovations by testing them to where they may be put to the test or be implemented… That on its own improves [the youth’s] self-esteem and gives value to your life while promoting Ubuntu,” said Lolo Vandal in an exclusive interview with Teen Entrepreneur.

Are you in line to pitch your money making ideas?

Gone are the days of casting lots to decide if something was all that it was touted to be, or needed to go back to the drawing room. With these sessions, you will be able to consult the experts and get invaluable advice on how to grow ideas and take them further. What makes these consultations even more effective is that the mentors understand the South African landscape.

They know the ins-and-outs, struggles and triumphs you will face on your way to birth your dream; and they are fully committed to helping you achieve your goals. Have you ever wondered if there was someone on the other side who was willing to listen to you and help you sharpen your craft and dream with your eyes open?

Pitch your bright ideas to a panel of mentors at our Idea Café sessions, or for more information now, check out some of our projects and see just how our ideas can help yours.