So many entrepreneurs start their own businesses with the sole purpose of changing their own lives and the lives of their family. But many others do it with a much bigger goal in mind – to bring about change within their own communities. These social entrepreneurs or ‘changemakers’ are constantly taking note of ‘patterns’ around them and scoping out problems.

With this information, they actively develop solutions to these problems by creating relevant products or services, and roping in other members of the community to assist them in their mission (and thus creating jobs). They lead through collective action and constantly evolve as the situation and community inevitably change with time.

The question is, are you a changemaker?

It’s easy to become one! In short, simply shift your focus from revolving exclusively around making a profit and take a moment to look at people and our planet.

  • People: Are you thinking about the needs and wants of the members of your community? Are you playing a role in bringing about positive social change? Are you providing jobs for individuals and treating them with respect, all while helping them to grow? Are you improving lives and helping to develop your community in a sustainable manner? Are you making your products and services affordable and accessible to all?
  • Planet: Are you taking the wellbeing of the planet into consideration as you develop your products and services? Are you making sustainable choices across your supply chain? Are you minimising waste? Are you taking action to keep your carbon footprint in check?

Keep the aforementioned in mind and you will be one step closer to becoming a changemaker and a social entrepreneur with a mission much bigger than just making a living. Remember, changemakers should be celebrated! So be sure to enter the Zayed Sustainability Prize by 6th May 2021, if you feel strongly that you or someone you know fit the criteria. SA Teen Entrepreneur has partnered with the program and we are encouraging local entrepreneurs with innovative solutions for shaping the world’s future to partake. Submit your entry via

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