Lindiwe Maqasha

Age: 16
Focus: Social
Idea: Using teens to buy for the elderly


Mpho Chinowa

Age: 15
Focus: Health
Idea: Making masks for community


Kreeti Panday

Age: 16
Focus: Health
Idea: Masks for children sizes


Remoratile Morake

Age: 16
Focus: Education
Idea: PPE for schools


Nomthandazo Ndlovu

Age: 17
Focus: Technology
Idea: Cyber security for youth


Age: 16
Focus: Health
Idea: Relief centre for abused women and children

Luke Rissik
Age: 18
Focus: Education
Idea: Notes share online for students

Kgotlelelo Mahlodi Mohlala
Age: 16
Focus: Food
Idea: Getting kids back to school safely

Michael John Olivier
Age: 16
Focus: Education
Idea: Online education app

Lucy Breitenbach
Age: 17
Focus: Education
Idea: Notes for school sharing online



Sabirul Islam


Logan Guleff


Landi Jac


Mike Handcock


Competition closed on 29th May.

The COVID-19 pandemic has got us thinking of solutions given the many problems that have come to the open. Most of these problems were not anticipated. As a global child and community member you can opt to go completely into isolation and wait for the problem to go away somehow OR you can start to put your very creative mind to working on solutions to the countless problems in your family, community, village, town, country and the global village.

The SA Teen Entrepreneur Trust COVID-19 Idea Challenge is aimed at high school students across the whole world. The purpose is to immediately let loose our creative and innovative mind-set and see if we can find some ways to quickly assist humanity get through this crisis in a more positive way. Your ideas should be focused on what you can personally achieve with resources available to you or which you can harness or easily implementable to your community or communities around the world in similar situations.

The challenge: 

Either individually or in a group/team, you need to identify one of the many problems that need solving and come up with a solution as to how it might be addressed. There are no strict parameters other than it needs to be a problem that has resulted from the pandemic. Examples could be to do with things like home schooling, communicating with isolated people, eating healthily in isolation, dealing with food distribution, developing world and how they can cope are just some of the examples.

We have a number of resources on our website that can assist you in your creative journey. You are also encouraged to join the SA Teen Entrepreneur family via:  https://staging.teenentrepreneur.co.za/join/

Every submission will be reviewed as long as the student has followed the process and submits their ideas and solutions in the agreed format. The top ideas will be invited to an online pitching event in front of a group of investors and mentors. For those ideas that are deemed feasible and innovative, funding will be arranged to help you take them to the next stages.

This is a totally free program which we are running as our contribution to helping the world cope and recover from this terrible pandemic.

Covid-19 Idea Challenge Roadmap Download

If you would like to be invited to participate, all we need is for you to fill in the form below and we will contact you with the next steps. The program starts on April 4th so register now. Competition closes 29 May 2020.