2021 has many exciting moments in store for SA Teen Entrepreneur and our young entrepreneurs. We are thrilled to announce that we’ll soon be expanding our online academy to e-commerce platform. Our goal for this platform is to provide a bustling digital marketplace for budding entrepreneurs to promote and sell their products and services on a global scale.

Along with allowing for product/service promotion and sales, we are aiming for the platform to be equipped to host virtual conferences and exhibitions that showcase local entrepreneurs. Through the conferences, we hope to draw the attention of respected professionals from around the globe and start a conversation on the subject of entrepreneurship amongst the youth.

We strive to bring great minds together to work towards solving the global challenges facing young entrepreneurs of today. With a particular emphasis on the young entrepreneurs of Africa.

How you can help?

We are calling on individuals and corporates, who believe in our dream and vision of empowering teen entrepreneurs in Africa, to lend a hand. If you have the skills required to assist us in prepping this new platform, or if you would like to become a partner or simply make a financial donation, please be sure to get in touch on 082 907 0739.

With thousands upon thousands of people losing their income over the last year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, now is the time to work closely to give our youth hope and to help them build a brighter future. As they say, there’s a silver lining in every crisis and this global pandemic has been a catalyst for resourceful and innovated entrepreneurs.

Our thanks as always are extended to our existing sponsors and partners. It is thanks to your belief and your contributions, that we were able to launch our online academy.

Learners, remember to register to join our online academy here for an introduction to various vital business skills, and to earn while you learn!