Organic’ is a marketing catchphrase that’s been around for a while – especially in the food industry. What precisely does it mean though… and is it really possible to build a financially sustainable business based on organic food and products?

As a reaction to environmental concerns, health concerns and ‘big’ corporate food manufacturers, many consumers are now opting for organic products. Organic is a way of going back to basics, and ensuring that anything consumed (be it food, alcohol, supplements) is free of potentially harmful chemicals and processing.

Benefits of organic produce

  • Higher in nutrition
  • Better tasting
  • Free of hormones and pesticides

In addition, organic farming procedures are typically less harmful to the environment.

In short, going organic has many benefits for optimum health and reducing environmental impact.

But what about organic products as a sustainable business?

An organic food business is eco entrepreneurship at its best. Even though the costs of producing eco-friendly products are around 30% higher than ‘normal’ (and potentially environmentally harmful) production, people today are more than willing to pay a premium cost for products that benefit their health and the world around them

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