Do you really need another reason to boost your entrepreneurial skills at a young age? Regardless, now you have one! The new SA Teen Entrepreneur free online learning academy deals in the virtual currency known as TSiRU, which makes it possible for you to learn and earn as you go. Here’s what you need to know.

How does TSiRU work?

You start by registering to take part in our new online learning academy (it’s 100% FREE) and work your way through the various modules. All of these modules focus on providing you with the facts and knowledge necessary to create and nurture a business idea, as well as put it into practice by starting a business of your very own and growing it from scratch.

You will earn 10 TSiRU upon the completion of each module, totalling 100 TSiRU once you conclude to course. You can also earn a bit extra by playing certain educational games and taking online quizzes.

What can I buy with my hard-earned TSiRU?

Each TSiRU is equivalent to R1 and can be redeemed at our partner outlets, including Shoprite and E3. You can use your TSiRU to purchase whatever you wish from these outlets. Alternatively, you can donate your earnings to a school or community of your choice and help make a difference.

How can I get started on your learn and earn programme?

Visit and click on ‘Register to Learn’. Keen to hear more about how you can get paid for learning? Check out our new YouTube Video where you can learn all about the incentive-based currency from Teen Entrepreneur and our amazing partner @Shoprite_SA. Thank you Shoprite.

You can register as an individual, with your friends, or with your school. From there, just provide us with a few extra details and VOILA. Your entrepreneurial learning journey awaits…