Climate change – it’s the phrase on everyone’s lips right now. From teen activists like Greta Thunberg to big business CEOs, everyone is talking about how we need to reduce the negative impact that we have on our world to ensure that we can build a sustainable future. Enter – Purposeful Climate Change, done on purpose with an intention to change!

Question is, what can you as the youth of planet Earth do to slow or even stop climate change in its tracks? Is it even possible? We say yes!

You may not be rich or influential (yet!) but there are so many ways that you can make a small difference. And many small differences added together, make a big difference.

1. Active participation

Be an active supporter of environmental organisations. Join environmental awareness groups, and participate in activities like community clean-ups, tree planting initiatives and recycling drives.

2. Use your voice

Your voice matters. Be loud about environmental issues on social media. Platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram are great for spreading awareness and educating others about the ideas that you’re passionate about.

3. Look at your own environmental impact

Start small at home. Purposeful climate change is about becoming more mindful of the environment. Take a look at all the things you and your family purchase. Is the packaging environmentally friendly? How much plastic do you use every week? Encourage your family to adjust to a green lifestyle that uses less single-use plastic, and make recycling the norm in your household.

4. Be a sustainable entrepreneur

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Then your future business needs to be sustainable! There are so many eco entrepreneurship opportunities that can help the environment – from using recycled ‘rubbish’ to create useful and beautiful products for sale, to farming and food production that can feed your local community in a healthier and more environmentally way.

Purposeful climate change

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