A website is one of the most valuable marketing tools that you can have in your arsenal when starting your own business as a young entrepreneur. However, simply creating the website and making it live isn’t the end of the job! The next step is to do everything in your power to drive as much traffic to your new website as you possibly can. Here’s how to get started.


Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, makes it easier for Google and other search engines to index your site. Implementing proper SEO practices means that you will rank higher in Google searches and generate more website hits as a result. SEO includes the creation of meta data, link building and, of course, the uploading of great content on a regular basis!

Social Media

Social media and a business website work hand in hand in order to maximise your reach potential. Having one without the other means that you are likely missing out on numerous opportunities to gain new customers and make a bigger impression on your target audience. Open up social media pages for your business and make sure that they link back to your website, and vice versa.


Let everybody know that you now have a website by promoting it on your business social media pages and your personal social media profiles, by including its URL in your email signature and by verbally announcing it to your peers, friends and family. Don’t forget to ask them to help with spreading the word too!

Another way in which to further boost your business is to find a mentor. Joining the SA Teen Entrepreneur High School Entrepreneur’s Society at your school should be your starting point. You can learn more about the aims and benefits of this society here.