It is a time for change. – That’s the clear message from President Cyril Ramaphosa in his first state of the nation address earlier this year.

In order to make sure that SA is moving together in the same direction and towards the same goals (as opposed to scattering here and there), he simplified the ultimate priorities.

Top 12 priorities of SA’s new president

  1. Jobs
  2. Young people
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Mining
  5. Land redistribution
  6. Technology
  7. The economy
  8. Health
  9. Government restructuring
  10. State-owned enterprises
  11. Justice
  12. The South African Revenue Service

Committed to a unified goal

We’re pleased to note that even before the announcement from Mzansi’s first citizen, at Teen Entrepreneur we’ve been pursuing the top priorities.

Change starts with simple intentional actions. Even away from the bells and whistles, our relentless pursuit has been to help create more young entrepreneurs who will arise as job creators and propel our communities’ young people at such a time of change as we are seeing today.

Answer the high calling

We remain firm in the belief that our president’s call will lead to even more action. One life at a time, we can usher in hope. We don’t promise to start this and that, but rather to continue giving our best. Here are some of the lives we’re imparting into.

The race is on and we want to leave no stone unturned. It is time to lower the valleys and spear down the hills that serve as barriers.

Please partner with us to enable us to reach even more lives. We are fully committed to doing our bit in response to our president’s call. We believe in this land and its people.