When it comes to busting myths, it’s important to delve into the myths that are so widely entrenched into our society. Here are the ultimate seven myths that many teen entrepreneurs wrongly accept as truth or fact.

  • Myth 7: All you need is an idea
    An idea alone will do you no good. You need to cultivate your mind, refine the idea, work on the business plan and flesh out your idea.
  • Myth 6: You’ve got to be located in the right side of town (or maybe America)
    Your geographical location is not an issue when it comes to making it big, particularly with the Internet which connects people from the global village together to open up unlimited possibilities.
  • Myth 5: You’ve got to be a certain age for people to take you seriously
    All over the world, including the notorious Silicon Valley (Google it if you’re hitting a zero), young people have risen to catch the attention of adults and peers; not just in super entrepreneurial areas.
  • Myth 4: It’s all or nothing
    The reality is that not all entrepreneurs are going to hit the jackpot. In fact, even those who are very successful may not have started with overnight success, but persistently got up to try again.
  • Myth 3: You’ve got to work like crazy
    While you must be prepared to work hard, teen entrepreneurship does not necessarily mean working day and night, dropping out of school and not having time to interact with family and friends. You could find yourself a partner or even employees to help take off the load so you can finish school.
  • Myth 2: You’ve got to look the part
    There are many globally acknowledged teen entrepreneurs who run big companies, but won’t be caught dead in formal grey corporate attire; and yet their online (or whatever) business will still flourish. You must however understand your market and investors and dress “accordingly”.
  • Myth 1: You need to be a particular body shape and/or colour
    It’s not about being sexy, thin or full figured, dark or light; the quality of your work should speak on your behalf.

At the end of the day, no amount of myth busting or “naming and claiming” will do you any good unless you get up and take a step in the direction of the future you envision. For more information on teen entrepreneurship e-books that can help you get better and better, click here, and for SA Teen members our e-books will soon be free – sign up now.