While the world is quick to rave about the Mark Zuckerbergs and Oprah Winfreys of our times, many overlook the presence of upcoming young entrepreneurs within our very homes and schools. There is a tendency to appreciate talent “out there.” Let’s turn the tables this 2020 by embracing, grooming and uplifting our own. Here’s how to identify future moguls in our community and spot an entrepreneur in your midst.

Forget the status quo

Leading minds in the making rarely comply with all societal norms. They ask questions and interrogate that which the masses take for granted. This leads them to identify niches and to come up with innovative ways of doing things. They are not “cookie-cutter” compliant kids. While this may prove challenging in a society that values uniformity, it is a rare and much-needed trait when groomed to shine.

Domain masters

A bird in the air flies and a fish in water swims. Future entrepreneurs know their innate skills and talents, embrace them and invest time in sharpening them. Rather than moving with the flow that dictates what skills and career paths are needed; budding teen entrepreneurs understand their domains, strengths and work on them.

How to spot an entrepreneur

Is your child great at encouraging others? They could be a budding author or innovative motivational speaker.

Do they tear apart their toys to see how things work? You could be looking at the next top engineer and venture capitalist.

Are they business-minded; the type that bakes cupcakes and sells them to family members and friends? You could be onto a franchise business owner and teen boss.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurship is not always intuitive. It requires a lot of dedication, time, skills and input.

Kids also tend to learn best when surrounded by peers who add positive peer pressure and are willing to learn through a captivating curriculum. These are just some of the perks from making sure your child’s school is signed up with a High School Entrepreneurs Society, ready to equip your child with much-needed entrepreneurship tools to thrive in this generation, and the unknown future.