If you set up your own business, it is very likely that at some point you will have to entertain a VIP in your field. This might be a key client, or someone you would like to become your client. It might be a business person you want to negotiate a merger with, or even a journalist to show off your business to. Whatever the reason, you will want to show off your business to its advantage and treat your guest with exceptional service. Here are some top tips for entertaining a business VIP.

Wining and dining

A classic method of entertaining a business VIP is to take them out for a complimentary dinner. This can help to build a relationship in a relaxed environment away from the office. You might even want to go one step further and take your client to an exclusive restaurant or bar to really impress them. However, it is important to always remain professional and maintain a level of business etiquette, especially when alcohol is involved. Do not become drunk and keep conversation appropriate to ensure that your guest sees you as the competent, in control professional you are.

Organise corporate business travel

The likelihood is that your guest is travelling in from elsewhere, and it might be a good idea to offer to provide their travel, whether that is a train or aeroplane ticket or a car. A common business travel option is to organise a corporate chauffeur for your guest. These services can be found all over the world, for instance corporate chauffeurs London. A corporate chauffeur service often involves collecting your guest from an airport or train station to escort them during their visit, as well as providing complimentary wi-fi, newspapers and sometimes alcohol to make your guest feel extra-special.

Take your guest on a tour of your business

The main reason for extending an invitation to a business VIP is to show off your business. This might include a tour of your premises, chats with employees and a presentation of your financial data. Some preparation will be required in order to show off your business to its best advantage. Make sure your offices are clean and decorated with interesting and inviting décor. Provide staff with information about who is visiting and what to expect. Practise any presentations several times with your team to ensure that the visit goes smoothly and you don’t forget to include any important information.

Provide complimentary gifts and material

Ensure that your guest has a hard copy of any relevant information about your business so that they can refer back to it at a later date without fear of forgetting anything. This might include recent catalogues and brochures, notes from PowerPoint presentations or profit and loss spreadsheets. You could even go one step further and offer your guest a free gift. This could vary in extravagance from a bottle of wine to tickets to watch a sports match in an executive box.