You’ve heard about sustainable entrepreneurship – but what exactly is it, and who or what is a green entrepreneur? Is this type of entrepreneurship something that teens can get involved in?

A green entrepreneur is someone who creates a business that benefits the environment

There are two important concepts here – it goes without saying that the main focus of eco entrepreneurship is to provide solutions that uplift, protect and/or sustain the natural environment.

However, the business aspect is equally important. A successful green entrepreneur ensures that their brilliant and innovative solution is also financially sustainable, and generates an income for themselves and investors.

Examples of sustainable entrepreneurship

Any project that provides a solution to an environmental problem, and is also financially stable, is green entrepreneurship.

Some examples include:

  • Clean energy solutions such as solar or wind power
  • Recycling projects that turn waste into usable, sellable goods
  • Solutions to help communities reduce their carbon footprint and become self-sustaining (such as growing vegetables etc)
  • Education to help communities reduce environmental impact

How can a teen entrepreneur get involved in sustainability?

Look around your community – are there any pressing environmental concerns that need to be addressed? It could be anything from loads of plastic litter lying in the streets, to people burning toxic fossil fuels to provide heat and energy during load shedding.

Then ask yourself, how can I use my business, tech and other skills to create a business that solves this problem. In the first instance, recycling is an obvious solution. In the second, harnessing the power of solar energy would make a big difference.

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The Zayed Sustainability Prize

Here at Teen Entrepreneur, we are so proud to have partnered with the #ZayedSustainabilityPrize for 2022 to provide aspiring eco-entrepreneurs with an opportunity to bring their business idea to life, and win their share of $600 000 ($100 000 for each of the six global regions)! To find out more about this amazing initiative, visit or follow this YouTube link to see what it’s all about.

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