As we approach the new year, technology seems to be playing an increasingly large part in our lives, and we see this in business as well. Our demands on technology become greater every year and our reliance on computers continues to grow. Because of this, protecting yourself from online threats is more important than ever, and if the success of your business depends on technology, then cyber security is essential. Taking the necessary steps to ensure your business is safe from online attacks is crucial in 2020 and there are two important things to consider when thinking about protecting your company data.

Could You Really Afford to Lose Your Data?

Ask yourself this question: if all the data you’ve been gathering over the last five years disappeared tomorrow, would your business survive the next five? Businesses come and go with the seasons and that’s nothing new. Changing consumer behavior prompts shifts in markets and business evolves to suit demand. In 2020, understanding this changing landscape and making data-driven interpretations of consumer behavior is more important than ever. If your business is on the cutting edge of data collection then it’s highly likely that you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on profiling your target audience and amassing a wealth of information. Could you afford to lose this dataset overnight? Take it from us, it’s far simpler to properly protect your data than to risk a breach and have to start from scratch — and what’s more, you might even be liable to legal proceedings if your data isn’t stored in a safe manner. Visit Sonicwall UK to find out more information from their team of industry experts about how you can keep your business protected from cyber security threats this year.

Is Your Company’s Data Really at Risk?

Data breaches are happening more frequently these days, and whether you’re aware of the risks or not, taking the proper precautions to protect your confidential information is now more important than ever. Yahoo was recently targeted in a hack in which almost 3 billion items of data were affected. Big companies like Yahoo are of course a target for the unscrupulous individuals in this game, but small companies are on the radar of hackers too, and oftentimes, smaller businesses are easier to infiltrate. Hackers are well aware that many small businesses hold valuable information on their servers, and more often than not, this data is not going to be as well protected. It’s far easier to pluck the low hanging fruit in the form of an unprotected small business than go after the likes of giants such as Yahoo.

Looking forward to the new year, it’s clear to see that the importance of internet security is still going to high on the agenda for business owners. Whether you’re running a small local business, or a large corporation, there are risks to your data and protecting your company with cyber security is the only option to guarantee these risks are mitigated.