You have the passion and drive to be a young teen entrepreneur. You just don’t see yourself as a ‘fit’ for the corporate world. You’ve been encouraged to start a business doing something you love. No matter the motive, the intention is there, but it’s important to ensure that the business idea has the potential to be both profitable and sustainable.

So, what sort of business ideas tend to thrive in Africa based on general needs, wants, and lifestyle trends? Here’s a quick round-up.

Transport-related businesses

Public transportation in Africa is still noticeably underdeveloped compared to the transportation industry of many first world countries. It’s really no surprise that transport-related businesses tend to fare extremely well. Aside from selling new or second-hand cars and bicycles, there’s also a high demand for automobile services and bike servicing, and the wholesale sale of auto parts, offering affordable transportation to a niche market or maintaining and repairing vehicles.

Recycling businesses

Recycling is key to conserving our planet and, despite the demand, there is a significant shortage of businesses that revolve around assisting households and other companies to recycle their waste. The great news is that, with the help of the right partners, the start-up capital required for a recycling business can be minimal.

Construction businesses

There is a need for affordable housing across the continent, and construction companies that specialise in the erection of such housing are proving to be extremely profitable for obvious reasons.

Profitable and Sustainable businesses

Nowadays, everyone is on a mission to ‘go green’ and to lead more sustainable lifestyles. As a result, we have seen a dramatic increase in demand for businesses that enable sustainability.

From solar power to agri-businesses where you grow and sell your own fresh herbs and produce, there are plenty of opportunities available. Plus, if you embark on an agri-business, you could also enter the Zayed Sustainability Prize competition.

Teen Entrepreneur @247teenbiz, is proud to have recently partnered with the #ZayedSustainabilityPrize and are encouraging local entrepreneurs with innovative solutions for shaping the world’s future to submit their entry for the 2022 edition. The prize is a reflection of Sheikh Zayed’s (the founding father of the programme) commitment to recognise and incentivise pioneers of global sustainability, #FindThePioneer.

Zayed Sustainability Prize

You can follow the build-up to this inspiring Sustainability Prize and engage in online conversations across all social media or even nominate a potential young entrepreneur who you believe to be a good candidate.

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Here’s to establishing, profitable and sustainable businesses that benefit more than just the owner and the employees, but the community as a whole!