Hey girl boss, fancy yourself a Fempreneur? (That’s hashtag-speak for female business owner!)

Being a female entrepreneur comes with a unique set of challenges. We can’t get away from the fact that the world, and especially the business world, is largely dominated by men. As a result, many young women in business struggle to have self-confidence in themselves and their ideas.

This Women’s Month, we’re looking at ways to help female entrepreneurs succeed!

1. Fake it till you make it

No business is 100% perfect when it’s just starting out, so you shouldn’t be thinking that you need perfection to launch your big idea. Fake it till you make it means taking the plunge, accepting that some things will be a little bit messy, and soldiering on with confidence even if you don’t feel absolutely confident just yet.

2. Stop doubting yourself

Ever doubted yourself so much that you begin to wonder if you are good enough to EVER succeed? That’s imposter syndrome. Remind yourself of your skills and talents as often as possible, and stop with the self-doubt.

3. Reach out for help

The whole strong independent woman thing is a bit of a fallacy. If you need help, ask for it – you don’t have to handle everything alone. Business mentors are especially valuable to young female entrepreneurs. At Teen Entrepreneur, we’re all about mentorship and supporting up and coming entrepreneurs!

4. Your numbers don’t lie

The bottom line of any business… is the bottom line. Even if you’re not good at maths or accounting, it’s important to get to grips with your costs, profits and losses if you are going to be a successful entrepreneur.

5. Network with supportive women

There’s a new trend in small business, especially female-owned business, that favours community over competition. A network of like-minded young entrepreneurs can help you in so many ways – from pooling ideas and resources, joining forces, or even just emotional support when you feel challenged and de-motivated.

And guess what? You can find your ‘tribe’ right here at Teen Entrepreneur! We want to help young female entrepreneurs grow from strength to strength, during Women’s Month and beyond! We believe that dreams start young. We believe in our youth. We believe that Teens in Business are our future. Tell us your story.