As 2019 comes to a close, it becomes evident how the current state of the South African economy has worsened the already high levels of unemployment. The unemployment level has continued to climb and, unfortunately, it is our youth which is the demographic group that has been dealt the hardest hit. Experts, including our own President Ramaphosa, will agree that there is one life-line when it comes to empowering young South Africans and uplifting the local economic climate – and that life-line is entrepreneurship.

The importance of teaching entrepreneurship at school

Ambitious, young individuals should be taught all about the foundations of entrepreneurship in the classroom so that they can nurture and develop their ideas, passions, and natural leadership. By the time that they matriculate, teens should be equipped with the knowledge and drive to put their thoughts and dreams into practice, start their business from scratch, and make a success of it step by step. The secret is that these businesses do more than just unlock profitable opportunities for the young entrepreneurs themselves – they unlock employment opportunities for other members of the community too!

Unfortunately, without a focus on teaching entrepreneurship and the fundamentals of business at school level, even the most creative and determined of members of the youth will be ill-equipped to turn their visions into reality.

What SA Teen Entrepreneur is doing to help

SA Teen Entrepreneur is constantly and consistently working on various projects to help blossoming young entrepreneurs to bloom to their full potential.

Our projects include the High School Entrepreneurs’ Societies at various schools around the country, the Awaken the Giant in You Breakfast Series, and the #TeenBoss event, which is designed to exposed teens to enhancing their entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

How YOU can help

We are forever in need of and always thrilled to receive any donations towards our efforts. However, if you are unable to donate, you can still make a massive difference by joining our community as a teen entrepreneur yourself, as a parent supporter, a champion teacher or principal, a community leader, or an intern.

Contact us to learn more today.