If you’re in Grade 9 this year, you’ll have big decisions to make regarding the remaining years of your high school experience, as well as your future career. You’ll soon be choosing your subjects for your senior years, and the choice is so much more important than you might think. After all, the subjects that you select will determine what you can and cannot study at varsity, and which industries your education will be best suited to when you are ready to kick-start your career.

Considering how it’s evident that the future of business is online – should you be thinking seriously about taking Computer Applications Technology – CAT as one of your subjects going forward? The answer, in short, is a resounding YES.

Why Computer Applications Technology – CAT?

Ultimately, the more you know about using computers, the better. The reality is that competent computer skills are a must for the majority of jobs out there. Having competent computer skills could give you a boost over other potential employees when applying for a job.

Above-average computer skills will also work in your favour to streamline your tertiary studies, helping you to be more productive and confident in your approach to conducting research and submitting assignments.

What you’ll learn

CAT focuses on teaching learners how computers can be used to solve everyday problems, whether through the use of hardware or software. You’ll learn how to navigate popular computer programmes and how to use them to your advantage. You’ll also explore systems technologies, internet technologies, network technologies, and information management.

Finally, the curriculum also addresses the many social implications that the use of technology can have on society, namely the security, legal, and ethical issues surrounding the online world.

Remember to chat to a career counsellor if you’re having trouble selecting your subjects. Best of luck as you begin this important year of school. You’ve got this (and we’ve got you)!