The future of online learning in South Africa is a hot topic at the moment – what are the benefits and challenges? We investigate.

COVID-19 and lockdown have highlighted the importance of embracing the power of digital when it comes to salvaging and strengthening learning opportunities for local students. The many benefits of this teaching approach are obvious. But there are also a number of challenges standing in our way that prevent us from utilising online learning to its fullest potential. Here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits of Online Learning

Obviously, the main benefit of online learning, especially during times of COVID and lockdown, is that it can be done anywhere and at any time.

Second to that is the fact that it opens up a library of learning resources for students – they literally have knowledge about every aspect of the world right at their fingertips. This often means that students can quickly fill in any foundational learning ‘gaps’ to avoid falling behind in the material.

The Challenges of Online Learning

The main challenge regarding digital learning in South Africa is that not all students have access to the equipment, connectivity, or technology necessary to leverage this online approach to acquiring knowledge.

In most cases, these students do not have the tech-savvy skills to operate the necessary equipment and technology either. This means that those privileged students living in urban areas will have a significant advantage over those living in deeper rural areas.

SA Teen Entrepreneur Driving Inclusivity

SA Teen Entrepreneur is working hard to play its part in driving inclusivity when it comes to online learning in South Africa. We have been so lucky to get a top UCT student to create and repurpose our face to face material into digital learning material as part of his Honours degree computer science project.

Our new online learning system is currently in its primary testing phase. At the same time, we are in the process of appointing 12-15 young people to be part of our focus group. Watch this space!

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